100 Days of School Shirt


  • Unisex Tee
  • Round Neck
  • Soft Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Half Sleeve
  • Available in all Sizes
  • Available in Multi Colors
  • *Fabric Color

    • (max file size 512 MB)
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Get Round Neck Printed 100 Days of School Shirt USA!

Introducing the perfect unisex 100 Days of School Shirt for kids, designed to celebrate their 100th day at school. This soft cotton T-shirt is perfect for boys and girls alike, and features a round neck and comfortable half sleeves. Available in a range of sizes and multiple colors, this T-shirt is perfect for kids of all ages.

Perfect 100 Days of School Shirt for Kids:

This T-shirt is specifically designed for kids who want to make a statement and celebrate a special milestone. The t-shirt is comfortable for children, and easy to wear and maintain. It is suitable for both boys and girls, and can be paired with a range of pants, shorts, or skirts. The t-shirt is perfect for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions.

Perfect Occasion:

This printed t-shirt is ideal for celebrating your child’s 100th day of school. The eye-catching design, featuring a stylish writing “100 Days of School Shirt,” combined with the beautiful and colorful apple and pencil icon, makes the T-shirt a must-have for this celebration. The t-shirt is perfect for taking pictures, attending school events, or simply enjoying the day with friends and family.

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Unmatched Print Details:

The print on the chest of this 100 Days of School Shirt is nothing short of exceptional. The stylish writing, paired with the bold and eye-catching colors of pink, red, skin, and green, makes the t-shirt spectacularly vivid and stand out. The beautiful apple and pencil icon in the print adds to the overall charm of the T-shirt, and makes it a conversation starter. The print is done with high-quality ink, which is eco-friendly and safe for children.

Superior Quality:

This T-shirt is made from premium quality, soft cotton, that is gentle on the skin and easy to care for. The cotton used in the manufacture of this T-shirt is of the highest quality, and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the most stringent international standards. The T-shirt is machine washable, which makes it easy to clean, and ensures that it retains its shape and color after multiple washes.

All Sizes and Multi Colors:

This 100 Days of School Shirt is available in all sizes, from small to large, to fit kids of all ages and body types. The t-shirt is designed to be comfortable, and has enough room for movement, making it easy to wear all day long. The T-shirt is available in multiple colors, including pink, red, skin and green, giving you the freedom to choose the colors that best suit your child’s personality.

In Conclusion:

This printed 100 Days of School Shirt is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s 100th day of school. It is a great addition to any wardrobe and is designed with kids in mind. The comfortable and soft cotton material, combined with the exceptional print, makes the T-shirt a must-have for young kids who want to make a statement. This t-shirt is versatile, trendy, and designed with the highest quality materials, making it a wise investment for any parent.

100 Days of School Shirt